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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors


Doors built by SCM marine equipment are the result of over 60 years of experience, gained through the construction of hundreds of them. Our product is the result of careful studies by the research and development sector and are designed by our technical department according to the needs customer specifications and current regulations.

They can be made with the most varied combinations of opening and number of leaves, flat or curved, with custom dimensions.

The main types are:

mounted from the outside, flush with the wall or from the inside and with a side pocket solution.

made with or without step, flush with deck, with externally or internally sliding doors.

In glass-only version seen externally or with visible steel frame, polished or painted.

The glass can be laminated, even with double glazing, and are sized according to the design pressure of the positioning bridge.

Our Doors are supplied with balanced manual closure with anti-roll system or with programmable automatic movement, with brushless motor without maintenance. It is possible to enforce access control with numeric keypad, badge or biometric reader.

All doors are built and work in compliance with the accident prevention rules and can be opened manually, to fulfil the function of “escape”.

The resistance to the seal is “weatherproof”.

If necessary, they can be fitted with an inflatable gasket.

All doors can be certified by the main approval registers.

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