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Hinged Door

Hinged Door


It is characterized by the use of hidden hinges that allow a 180 ° rotation.

The fixed frame is made of 316L stainless steel and can be supplied in a polished or painted version; the door is made of peraluman and can be made with the window’s glass flush to the door itself.

Its use is permitted above the freeboard; the degree of sealing is “weatherproof”, tested with a pressurized tube.

The external handle can be recessed and allows both daily opening and moving the dogs, with a 90 ° rotation.

The mechanical components are made of 316L stainless steel; the sliding parts are in anti-friction materials; the door is supplied with internal and external primed finish.

It is equipped with a locking lock, a magnetic locking system to block the door in the open position or an opening limiting arm and an alarm switch in the closed position.

It is possible to equip it with an electromechanical access control closure, which can be activated with a numeric keypad, badge reader or biometric reader.

The external corners can be 90 ° edged or rounded with an external 100 mm radius.

The gasket is in black EPDM, resistant to the saline environment.

Its assembly is carried out with adjustments, to be able to precisely align it to the side.

Its use is intended for boats complying with “CE” (within 24 m) or in the classroom (over 24 m), for pleasure or commercial use.

Hidden hinges

Adjustment for external wire alignment

Mechanical components made of 316L stainless steel

Black EPDM gasket, resistant to the saline environment

Single handle for two closures

External angles at 90 °

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