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Watertight Door

Watertight Door


The watertight door is characterized by a modern and essential design without mechanical parts and visible screws.

The door and the fixed frame can be made of steel or AISI 316L stainless steel. The fixed frame can be bolted or welded to the structure.

All movement mechanisms are in 316L stainless steel, the sliding parts are made with anti-friction materials.  The movement of the handles is helped by a reduction through stainless steel chain gears.

The gasket’s in silicone.

It is equipped with a mechanical locking system in the open position and an alarm switch in the closed position. The door is supplied with an internally and externally primed finish.

It can be made with custom dimensions, based on the customer’s request.

The doors we make are designed and tested to withstand the static pressure on both sides, up to a leaf of 8 meters. They are classified according to the pressure they can withstand: up to 40 kPa or up to 80 kPa.

For homologation purposes we provide the certificates of the materials used in the construction, the hydraulic test report and the drawings, all verified by the classification society.

Modern and essential design without mechanical parts and visible screws

Movement mechanisms in 316L stainless steel

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