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Normal Series Porthole

Normal Series Porthole


The normal series porthole is characterized by the overlap of the hatch on the base, effectively hiding the fixing screws.

The base and the hatch are in polished 316L stainless steel and are constrained to each other by welded hinges, equipped with a spring and a clutch which allow the hatch to be set in the desired position. The black EPDM gasket is positioned under the hatch.

The light is in transparent or coloured plastic.

The porthole closures can be with wing nut or lever, and it can be equipped with a shutter/darkening.

It is possible to equip it with an alarm switch and mosquito screen.

Upon completion, the collars suitable for each wall thickness “S” or for the different assembly are supplied.

It is suitable for mounting on boats complying with CE regulations (within 24 m).

Different types of collars available

Light in laminated glass or plastic and armor in polished stainless steel

Closures with wing nut or lever

Suitable for mounting on boats complying with CE regulations (within 24 m)

Possible to equip the porthole with alarm switch and mosquito net

Base and door in polished 316L stainless steel

Normal series Porthole

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