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Medium, Super, Giga Series Collars

Medium, Super, Giga Series Collars


The collars of the portholes of the medium, super and giga series are made on specific customer request. They are made for every dimension of depth and for the different types of installation, built in: light alloy, stainless steel or stainless steel and carbon steel, with sheet thickness varying from 6 to 12 mm.

They can be supplied with self-centering nuts under the flange, to compensate for deformations due to hull welding. The section geometry can be: parallel, conical or with external radius.

In case of external glass, they are built with suitable pneumatic passages for washing the internal volume with inert gas.

To simplify the filler process inside the collar,  templates are available to be applied on the flange, to uniform the thickness of the filler.

In the construction process, the materials and welds are certified in accordance with the requirements of the classification registers.

Made on specific customer request

Can be supplied with self-centering nuts under the flange

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