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Medium Series Portholes

Medium Series Portholes


The Medium series porthole is characterized by essential and modern lines, with hidden fixing screws.

It is entirely made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and has a solid construction to withstand the considerable mechanical and hydraulic pressure exerted during the tests. Its main elements, 316 L stainless steel and glass, are joined together with structural adhesives that guarantee hydraulic seal and reliability over time. The gasket is in black EPDM, resistant to the saline environment.

In the base is included, in addition to a gasket, a 30 mm lip that fits into the collar, to ensure the hydraulic seal between the hull and the porthole.

The base is connected to the opening frame by CNC made hinges; the closing systems are a new design, where the parts making contact are made in anti-friction material. With the porthole open, the wing nut does not come into contact with the inner lining.

It is equipped with an innovative 4-position stop-opening system, with release lever.

The glass is tempered and stratified, with an extra clear neutral colour.

The window can be mounted on metal and fiberglass hulls; to complete the package, aluminium or stainless-steel collars can also be supplied.

It is available in standard sizes, round, oval and rectangular, as shown in the grid.

It can also be made in different sizes, based on the customer’s request.

It is also available in a “fixed” version, with no visible screws.

The window can be supplied with the following accessories: shutter, made of polished stainless steel or anodized aluminium, fixed or removable, alarm switch and mosquito net.

Its use is defined for boats complying with “CE” (within 24 m) or in class (over 24 m), for pleasure or commercial use; in this case it is equipped with a more complex opening system.

Easy to use wing nut

Snap hinge with 4 degrees of opening

Also available in a "fixed" version, without visible screws

Laminated glass

Hidden optical alarm connection

Hidden screws

Medium Series Portholes

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