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Light series portholes

Light series portholes


The porthole of the light series is characterized by a simple construction, the base is in polished 316 L stainless steel, the 10 mm scratch-resistant PMMA hatch is available in 3 smoky colors, the same is screwed through stainless steel hinges at the base , the levers are in high resistance plastic, the epdm gasket is inserted in the base, it is complete with not removable mosquito sreen.

From the outside there are no visible screws, the assembly is very simple.

On completion, the standard collar in polished 316 stainless steel is suitable for hull thicknesses from 16 to 24 mm.

Other collars are available for hull thickness up to 30 mm.

It is suitable for mounting on boats in compliance with the “CE” regulation (within 24 m), they can be used in area I-IIb-III-IV motor and sailing units, design category A, B, C and D.

Base in polished 316 L stainless steel

Door available in 3 smoked colors

Complete with non removable mosquito net

High resistance plastic levers

No screws visible from the outside

Standard collar "S" 16/30 mm

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