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Light flush porthole series

oLight flush porthole series


The flush porthole of the light series can be installed on a Plexiglas window for an external flush effect, or fiberglass on the hull and deckhouse. It is characterized by a new minimalist design without visible screws and rounded corners, it is made of black painted CNC-machined aluminum, equipped with hinges with raised shutter retention mode, 8 mm thick gray or bronze plexiglas, silicone gasket and ergonomic levers in reinforced acrylic material. Its main elements, aluminum and plexiglass, are joined with structural adhesives that guarantee water tightness and reliability over time.

  • Version to be installed on fiberglass: this version of the porthole is intended for assembly on fiberglass without the use of sealant, the porthole is supplied with a particular double-sided adhesive gasket already applied under the base to ensure its watertightness, suitable fixing screws included in the supply guarantee the seal mechanics to the fiberglass structure. In order to cover the thickness “S” of the fiberglass, the collars in painted aluminum are supplied, for fiberglass thicknesses between 19 and 34 mm.
  • External flush version to be installed on Plexiglas: this version of the porthole is intended for mounting on the Plexiglas window using permanent structural double-sided adhesive, already positioned on the base of the porthole. Installation is quick and easy, carried out through the use of a plexiglass drilling template and detailed instructions.
Plexiglas window with customized geometry can be supplied, complete with porthole, ready to be glued on the fiberglass.

“CE” certified – Area I, II, IV motor and sailing boats Cat. A-B-C-D

made of CNC machined aluminum and painted black

easy and quick to install on fiberglass or plexiglas, with the help of online instructions

hinges with raised shutter retention

Light flush porthole series


Indicated dimensions refer to net light. External dimensions are 76mm more.

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