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Light and Normal series Collars

Light and Normal series Collars


The collars of the portholes of the light and normal series do not structurally participate in fixing the porthole to the bulwark. They only have an aesthetic function, that is covering the thickness of the fiberglass or wooden wall.

For the light series portholes, the standard collars cover the wall thickness “S” from 16 to 30 mm. They are made of polished 316 stainless steel and are built with height “S” on customer request.

The height “S” is equal to the thickness that needs to be tightened, internal lining + walled thickness.

Their installation is simple. They must be positioned from the outside, with sealing under the protrusion; their fixing to the bulwark is guaranteed by means of tongues to be folded and screwed on the inside.

For correct installation, the wall surface must be flat.

Covering the wall thickness "S" from 16 to 30 mm

Built with height "S" on customer request

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