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Giga Series Portholes

Giga Series Portholes


The giga series portholes is made with a double frame. The first, placed inside, is made of carbon steel, surface treated, with thicknesses suitable to withstand the considerable operating pressures imposed by the approvals during the tests. The second frame is exterior and its made of steel polished 316L stainless steel characterized by essential and modern lines.

Its main elements, 316 L stainless steel, carbon steel and glass, are joined together with structural adhesives that guarantee hydraulic resistance and reliability over time.

The glass can be made with an interspace filled with inert gas and double laminated glass.

The external surface of the glass is not interrupted by any internal reinforcement structural pillars.

It can be certified to fire test “A 60”.

It is available in standard sizes, round, oval and rectangular, as shown in the grid.

It can also be made with different sizes, based on the customer’s request.

The storm shutter plates are in anodized aluminum with a thickness of up to 15 mm, in a fixed or removable version.

To complete the supply, the collars can be made with EPDM gasket and screws with self-centering nuts, made for each depth dimension and for the different types of installation, built in stainless steel, carbon steel Ah 36 or in L.L.

It can be certified by the primary classification registers also in the “Passengers” class.

"Passenger Class" certification

Can be fire class "A0"

Giga Series Portholes

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