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Double Flat Series Portholes

Double Flat Series Portholes


The Double Flat Series porthole was created as a result of the latest trends in nautical design, to create ever more essential lines completely flush with external surfaces. Its main characteristic is the almost invisibility from the outside of the boat.

Inside it has a minimal visual impact, as the mechanic is very thin. It is made entirely of 316 L stainless steel, and it can be supplied in polished version, titanium finishing or black oxidized effect.

The porthole is equipped with a snap hinge with four opening positions, provided with new cam levers that minimize the closing effort.

Its main elements in S.S. 316 L, are glued to the glass with structural adhesives that guarantee its water tightness and reliability over time.

It is supplied completed with glass panel ready to be glued on the hull, and the glass panel is sized accordingly to the boat’s design features: the opening glass has the same layering characteristics and the same thickness of the glass in which it is inserted and it is coplanar with the glass of the window,  inside and outside.

For total aesthetic integration, the Double Flat series portholes are also available in a hull mounted version.

The set (porthole and glass) is designed, built and certified by SCM marine equipment based on the characteristics required by the customer, and can be made in different shapes and sizes.

It can be mounted on boats complying with “CE” regulations (within 24 meters) or in the RINA class, Pleasure or Commercial, in this case it is provided with a not easily opening system.

It can be equipped with an optical alarm connected with conductive serigraphy to the outer perimeter of the glass.

Mosquito screens in S.S. black painted are available for every shape.

The revolution

Double Flat

hinges with 4 degrees of opening

Low internal aesthetic impact

Usable on all types of laminated and plastic glass

New type of closure with cam lever

Only 50 mm of screen printing visible externally

Hidden optical alarm connection

Double Flat Series Portholes

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The measures refer to the nominal light, LN.

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